Which Are the Best Ab Exercises?

There are a variety of exercises designed to train the abdominals or abs. The kind of exercises that is appropriate for you will depend on the level of experience and training you have attained. While everyone is born with abdominals, not everyone goes through life with noticeable, firm abs. The best ab exercises are those that can make the abdominals visible again after being covered in excess fat for the longest time.

The abdominal region contains three important muscles, namely the rectus abdominis, the external obliques, and the internal obliques. Once you commit yourself to an abs training regimen, your main goal is to build up the rectus abdominis muscles before the others because they are the ones found in the front and are thus the ones that will be noticed first. The lateral sections, which are the oblique muscles, work as stabilizers and will respond better to more specific exercises that you will perform as you move up the training ladder.

If this is your first time to engage in an abs training regimen, then your best bet as a beginner is to go with the king of all abdominal exercises, which is no less than the famous crunches. Exercise experts consider crunches and reverse crunches as the best ab exercises for beginners because they are effective mass builders and are necessary for conditioning the abs before moving on to strengthen them rigorously. Toning the abs will also come later on.

If you have been working on your abdominals for some time now and already have results but still want more that you can proudly show off, then you are considered as an advanced abs trainer. The best ab exercises for you are those that use more force and pressure and can work on both the rectus abdominis muscles and the oblique muscles. These exercises include the more complex crunches such as the twisting crunches, leg trucks, and leg twists. These exercises hit both the upper and the lower abs, keeping the tension in all the abdominal muscles constant.

If your reason for engaging in an abs exercise regimen is so you can compete in official sports contests, you should consider going for competition training that makes use of bodybuilding techniques, not only mere abs strengthening and toning. Abs trainers that enter competitions are known to work out with a much higher intensity and with sessions in weak point training and resistance training. The best ab exercises for you are those that are customized – with appropriate modifications as to the intensity, duration, and frequency – to suit your needs and match your limits.

No matter what level of abs training you require, an important factor that will help you get even results is proper body positioning. Many fitness experts have stressed the significance of proper body positioning in all kinds of exercises that target the abs, as well as those that train other parts of the body. Crunches are a must in any abs exercise training, but not all abs trainers know the right position to take when they perform crunches. Any crunching movement that goes beyond 30 degrees puts too much stress on the muscles and can lead to back injury and abdominal pain. There are secret exercise techniques that you should research on and follow in order to get the most out of the best ab exercises for you. A proven program for training the abdominals is recommended.
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