Reduce Stomach Fat – Tips to Lose Belly Fat

If you are trying to lose belly fat then this article will be more than helpful. I know how busy everyone is these days so I will keep this short and to the point. There is a ton of information out there that will tell you how to lose that stubborn old belly fat but so much of this information just does not work for everyone. This tip helped me lose over 23 pounds. Remember little changes can have huge effects.

Reduce Stomach Fat

Tip 1 Eat Slowly

In today’s busy world most people rush through lunch. You might get twenty or thirty minutes to eat and it takes half that time to just go get your food.

Stop right there.

That is mistake number one. Do not go out for lunch, bring your lunch with you. Then slow down. Did you know that eating your meals too fast can really make you gain weight?

When you eat to fast your brain does not have time to tell you that your stomach is full and then by the time it does you feel bloated and uncomfortable. That is because you have just been the victim of a fast meal and you have over eaten.

One thing I like to do that helps me slow down my eating is counting how many times I chew my food. This can really slow down your food intake.

Another one of my favorite tips is to have a family meal. Take a few bites and then strike up a conversation with your children or husband or anyone eating dinner with you. By eating slower you will give your brain time to tell you that your stomach is full. Plus you do want to taste your food, don’t you?
Source by Mike Smith

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