P90X – The Importance of The Stretch Workout

Every one of the 12 different workouts that is in the P90X fitness program is important to your overall success with the program. It is vital that you follow the P90X calendar that Tony Horton has laid out for you. He developed that certain schedule of exercise so that you can reap the maximum rewards from the program. One of the most overlooked workouts from P90X is the stretch workout called X Stretch. So many people don’t realize how important stretching can be in a workout program like P90X.

P90X is a high-intensity workout program that is aimed at transforming your body in 90 days. It is not easy by any means, but so many people have had great results and success stories with the fitness program. There are 12 different workouts that are rotated on a schedule in P90X.  Each one of these workouts is important it it’s own way. The workouts that work a specific part of the body such as chest and back are self-explanatory of their importance to the program, while other workouts such as the stretch workout may need a little more explanation of why it is so important.

Stretching is more important to an exercise program than most people think. There are definite benefits in incorporating a stretch workout into a high-intensity workout program like P90X.  Stretching improves your flexibility which can definitely help your physical fitness level and athleticism increase. This means that you may be able to hold a position for longer when exercising or it may also mean that you can better play a sport that requires you to be in flexible positions. Stretching also helps to prevent injuries as well. When you do a stretch workout you are actually lengthening your muscles and making your body more flexible. This means that when you do to do squats or lunges, the more flexible you are, the less likely you are to pull your groin muscle when doing the exercises.

The P90X stretch workout helps to also have an escape for your body away from the high-intensity workouts and instead stretch your body and mind. This workout actually works as an escape away, just like the yoga workout does. You can help improve the performance of your body while helping to get rid of soreness from the performing the other workouts in the program.

One important thing to remember though with the stretch workout is that even though stretching helps to prevent injuries it can actually cause you injury as well. When you are stretching, you should go as far as you feel a good stretch and not any further as you can end up pulling muscles if you stretch too far. To not apply too much force to your stretches, as all you need is that slight stretch to get benefits from the workout.

Be sure to include your stretch workout into your P90X schedule just as Tony Horton lays it out in the calendar. Enjoy the day that you do your stretch workout as the next workout is going to push you to the limits!
Source by Kevin Trent

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