Natural Remedies of Onycholysis

Onycholysis is a common fungal nail infection under which nail plates get separated from the bed of nail. However the problem isn’t usually painful, it lets you stay embarrassed and make your nails look too ugly to look at. If not treated timely, the infection may result in severe skin diseases too.

Causes of Onycholysis

The disorder of Onycholysis is found more in women who love to grow their nails and use several cosmetic products to beautify them. Apart from this, there are several other causes of the disorder, which may lead to the infection in both genders:

1-Hand injuries and nail injuries are common cause of this nail infection.

2-Too much exposure of hands to water results in this nail disease.

3-Bad habits like biting nails may also result in the problem.

4-Regular use of nail nurturing products such as chemical-based nail paints, nail paint removers, etc., also cause the nail infection.

5-Several other skin infections and allergies in and around nails also cause this disorder.

6-At times, some medicines cause side effects, which may lead to Onycholysis.

Onycholysis Symptoms

There are several symptoms that indicate that a person is suffering from this fungal nail infection. Read below points which will help you diagnose the disorder easily:

1-Deformations in and around the nails.

2-Slackening of nail plate from nail bed is the most alarming indication for Onycholysis.

3-The discoloring of the nail or change of nail color to green or yellow also indicates that a person is suffering from this infection.

4-Irritation and discomfort in the nail region also indicates this problem.

Onycholysis Treatment

You may treat this nail disorder with the following effective treatments:

1-Wear gloves that will avoid direct contact of the infected nails with water and chemicals.

2-Apply emollient cream on effected nail area to treat the disorder quickly.

3-If the infection is in foot nails, then wear comfortable foot wear and avoid rough shoes.

4- Avoid distress while you are suffering from this problem.

Treatment is required when the problem exists. But if you’ll follow these simple effective preventions, you will not be caught by Onycholysis easily:

a-) Do not let your nail growth get too long.

b-) Avoid use of beautifying products on nails, especially chemicals.

c-) Do not let your nails stay in water for too long.

d-) Avoid rubbing or biting nails to prevent the infection possibility.

Thus, this nail infection can easily be controlled if proper strategies are applied on time. However if none of the above given treatments works in your case, do not hesitate to visit a physician at once. You may be ignoring a critical skin disease!

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