Muscle Growth Workouts – How Skinny Guys Can Get Buff

For skinny guys to get buff they need to start doing muscle growth workouts. These intense workouts are designed to gain muscle mass not just strength as most of these anaerobic exercises aid in the growth of muscle. Muscle growth workouts are specifically designed to gain larger amounts of muscle mass in a shorter period of time.

To build muscle mass, skinny guys need to start lifting heavier weights. Now, this is a process to work up to. A one rep max test should be used before starting muscle growth workouts to know your limit. The one rep max is how much weight you can do for a specific exercise for one repetition. When increasing the weight for your exercises, you gradually work up to the one rep max. Along this process, the skinny guy hard gainers will start gaining size and strength.

In addition to lifting heavier weight, the hard gainer must decrease the repetitions in order to be able to lift the heavier weight. For example, if a skinny guy is normally doing three sets of 12 reps, he must start decreasing the reps; this decrease is also a process that takes time. Start off by cutting down two reps every two weeks. Of course to lower these reps you should be increasing weight not just slacking off!

As always, near perfect form is required. Your muscles won’t react accordingly if your technique is bad. Also, bad form can lead to injuries which will lead to missing time in the gym and hurting one’s chance to get buff. When doing heavier weights it is essential to know good weight lifting technique. So a workout partner or a spotter should be implemented for safety and success.

Following a muscle growth workout will aid you tremendously but you will also need to know good post workout recovery routines and essential hardgainer nutrition advice to really pack on the pounds of lean muscle mass you want. To find out more about these things click below and take your next step towards a better, buffer body.

Skinny Muscle Building
Source by James Mclain

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